Where is the most perfect Christmas town? North Pole, Alaska


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I was always curious where the most perfect Christmas Towns are?  North Pole, Alaska (15 miles from Fairbanks) was top on the list as well as McAdenville, North Carolina.

The incredible Christmas village in Alaska embracing its name, North Pole. Did you know that Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance in the 4th of July parade each year? This town stays decked out for Christmas year-round so if you’re craving a little holiday spirt in July, you’d still find candy-cane posts, boughs of holly, and a Santa Claus house with live Reindeer you can feed. There is also a 42 foot world famous Santa clause who resides just outside the Santa Claus house.

While, in McAdenville, NC with only a population of approx. 1000 people, it’s literally written in the town charter that every home, business, school and Church must decorate for Christmas. The entire town is decorated with 375 lite trees and over 200 wreaths.  The event is called Christmas Town USA. This very small town is located near Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a beacon for those looking for a head-to-toe holiday spirit. The Christmas light exhibit runs from Dec 1 – 26th the downtown area.   There’s also a yule log parade from Main Street through to the Memorial Yule log fireplace at Legacy Park.

While doing this research it’s truly amazing how many places, and countries come alive for the Christmas Season. Each with their own unique celebration traditions and experiences.  In some cases both on land and on water.  There is something for everyone to enjoy and create lasting memories.

Christmas is a time of reflection and relaxation.  To be grateful for our family and friends.  To show patience and understanding with those around us. I hope you all have the very best, and healthy Christmas holiday this season.

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